Artificial Grass Installation Cleveland, OH

Artificial grass has several advantages over real grass. For one, artificial grass is safer to fall on. Tradition Sports & Rec provides artificial grass installation for clients in Cleveland, OH. For more information on our services, gives us a call at (330) 351-1244.

Children’s Play Areas

Artificial grass is a smart choice for children’s play areas. The surface creates a fun and safe environment for children to be active. Unfortunately, real grass in children’s play areas is costly and difficult to maintain. Over time, the area becomes a muddy, dangerous, and unattractive mess. On the other hand, artificial grass stays in top shape with a very low amount of maintenance.


Aside from being safer to fall on, artificial grass is also safer than real grass because it does not have any chemicals or pesticides. While many potentially dangerous products are used in real grass areas to rid them from weeds and insects, artificial grass does not need to be sprayed with anything. Plus, artificial grass handles all types of weather better than real grass. While real grass areas become muddy and slippery from rain, artificial grass can be played on regardless of the weather.

Low Maintenance

Artificial grass is an easy way to save money and time. It does not need trimming, fertilizing, reseeding, weeding, watering, etc. The surface remains level over time so you don’t need to worry about dangerous unleveled areas. With real grass you have two options: spend a lot of time and money maintaining it OR neglect it and watch it turn ugly.


Across all the seasons, artificial grass consistently looks great. It doesn’t matter if there is a drought, too much rain, etc., artificial grass holds up well and stays green. The artificial grass that we offer at Tradition Sports & Rec is extremely durable. We customize projects to suit our clients, so they can get exactly what they are looking for.

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If you’re interested in having artificial grass installed, Tradition Sports & Rec is the top company around. We provide all types of services for clients in Cleveland, OH including artificial grass installation, lawns, putting greens, sports fields, and sports surfaces. Give us a call today at (330) 351-1244 to learn more about what we offer.

Outdoor Putting Green Cleveland, OH

Tradition Sports & Rec is the top choice around for installing all types of sports fields, sports surfaces, artificial grass, and more. We offer gorgeous outdoor putting green installations for clients in Cleveland, OH. To learn more about our services, give us a call at (330) 351-1244.

Improve Your Game

There’s no better way to improve your golf game than to install an outdoor putting green in your backyard. This convenient location will allow you to practice whenever you want. It’s also a great thing to have for guests and other family members. Plus, our outdoor putting greens look nice!

Our Products

We use artificial turf that is extremely low maintenance but looks like real grass. Our artificial turf is designed to replicate natural grass in both looks and feel. The more you practice on your outdoor putting green, the better you’ll be when it comes to the real thing.

Customize Your Green

At Tradition Sports & Rec, we work with our clients to ensure they are getting exactly what they want. Our team of experts know how to combine features that you’d see on the top courses worldwide. From custom bunkers to different elevations, we can do it all.


Tradition Sports & Rec carries several types of artificial grasses to pick from. This means that you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect turf for you as you can browse your options and choose the one that feels and looks best.  Our turf is designed to not only look like real grass but also to play like it!

Make Use Of Any Space!

It doesn’t matter whether your yard is big or small. To put up your custom putting green, we start by excavating the area and building a base that fits certain shapes and elevation. Next, we put on the turf and blend in some infill. Finally, we clean everything up and it’s ready for you to use!

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If you’re in Cleveland, OH and you are interested in adding an outdoor putting green to your yard, Tradition Sports & Rec is the company for you. Call us today at (330) 351-1244 for all types of artificial turf and sport surfaces.

Outdoor putting green, Michigan

At Tradition Sports & Rec, we install high-quality outdoor artificial turf putting greens for your backyard or office space enjoyment. You may think that synthetic grass could never compete with the real thing, but call us today at (330) 351-1244 or read on to learn why a synthetic backyard putting green may be just what you need to have fun while improving your game.

Superior Design & Performance

Tradition Sports & Rec specializes in lifelike putting greens made with artificial turf. We use only the most realistic, high quality artificial turf that mimics the look, performance, and feel of natural grass, and our innovative installation methods add to the overall effect.

Our expert construction techniques can combine features you find on the best golf courses in the world to create a truly unique masterpiece. We can incorporate custom elevations, contours, bunkers, and other features to create a green that will feel, hit, and putt, just like real grass.

Unparalleled Construction & Installation

Tradition Sports & Rec has a huge variety of artificial grass products to choose from, including different yarns and backing, so you can pick the turf that looks and feels best to you. We use only the highest quality synthetic turf products, so your putting green won’t look like easter egg grass after just a few games. Not only does our turf LOOK like the real thing, it feels and plays like the real thing.

Tradition’s outdoor putting greens can be installed even where space is limited – a small corner of a backyard or an office’s narrow lawn. The simplified process to build your custom putting green is as follows:

  1. We begin by excavating and compacting the area.
  2. We build the base, contouring it to your specific elevations and shapes.
  3. We place the turf and infill, blending the infill into the grass and “fluffing” the turf.
  4. We clean up the project site and let you start enjoying it!

Many outdoor putting greens can be installed in about a week and last as much as 15+ years with proper maintenance.

Working With Tradition Sports & Rec

When you hire Tradition Sports & Rec to design, construct, and install your artificial turf putting green, you will be kept in the loop from start to finish. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to make sure everyone is on the same page throughout the process. At Tradition, our goal is to inform and educate along the way, so that you truly get the putting green you’ve been dreaming of.

If you’re looking for a skilled contractor who is familiar with outdoor putting greens for the Michigan area, look no further than Tradition Sports & Rec. Call us today at (330) 351-1244 and let us create a long-lasting, beautiful putting surface you will enjoy year-round!

Outdoor putting green, Ohio

What could be better than stepping outside your home or office to an outdoor putting green that is ready for you to practice on at any time? Tradition Sports & Rec is one of Ohio’s leading installers of high-quality, professional grade outdoor putting greens for residential and commercial golf spaces.

If you are in need of a beautiful, durable synthetic putting green for your backyard or office lawn, call Tradition Sports & Rec today at (330) 351-1244. With more than 25 years of industry experience, Tradition guarantees reliable services from a reputable contractor.

Realistic Outdoor Putting Greens From The Comfort of Your Home Or Office

Tradition Sports & Rec can design and install any area of your home, yard, office, or grounds into a putter’s paradise. When you hire Tradition to put a putting green in, we use only the best in construction techniques to bring you your favorite features from the best professional courses in the world!

Our outdoor putting greens are custom designed to turn any space into the perfect place to unwind with friends, take clients out, or entertain family. Benefits include:

  • Realistic turf surface
  • Never has to be mowed or watered
  • Low maintenance other than regular washing
  • One-stop shop for design, construction, installation, etc.
  • Ongoing support from Tradition Sports & Rec with maintenance plans
  • Fully customizable greens, including custom elevations, bunkers, and more, to fit the needs of your unique space

Putting Green Support & Maintenance

Tradition Sports & Rec strives to be a one-stop shop for all your putting green needs – even after the installation is complete. That is why we offer long-term, ongoing professional maintenance services for all our outdoor putting greens.

With Tradition Sports & Rec, you will enjoy exceptional customer service and results that are long-lasting and dependable, well beyond the initial installation.

The Tradition Sports Difference

When you work with Tradition Sports & Rec, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are working with a reputable contractor:

  • Nationwide company
  • Outstanding reputation
  • Free, no-obligation consultations
  • Fully licensed
  • Insured

Give Tradition Sports & Rec a call today at (330) 351-1244, and let us help you turn the green of your dreams into a reality!

Commercial Playground Equipment, Ann Arbor, MI

Premium Playground Surface Solutions

At Tradition Sports & Rec, we understand that parents, educators, and childcare professionals want the best in quality and safety when it comes to play spaces for children. That is why we offer only the best rubber and artificial turf solutions for your playground surface needs:

Poured Rubber

Poured-in-place rubber is a favorite for commercial playground spaces for its sustainability, durability, and safety. Tradition Sports & Rec’s poured rubber playground surfaces are composed of two layers:

  1. The bottom layer is comprised of bulky rubber scraps that produce good shock absorption. Our poured rubber surfaces are rated to protect children from falls of up to 12 feet.
  2. The top layer is made of smaller ethylene propylene diene monomer (rubber) particles that can be custom tailored to fit any space or shape. It can also be ordered in a variety of colors, allowing for fun, detailed designs. Finally, it semi-hardens into a wheelchair-accessible surface, making your play space accessible to everyone.

Finally, poured rubber is an attractive playground surface for its low maintenance – no wood chips to redistribute or sand to refill. 

Rubber Tile

Rubber tiles are a popular choice for playground surface protection. They are extremely durable and can withstand even the harshest abuse from energetic kids day in and day out.

And, bonus! These tiles are easy to clean and maintain. Their porous nature allows water from rain or sprinklers to easily travel through them, quickly drying for immediate play.

Tradition Sports & Rec supplies rubber playground tiles in a wide variety of color options. They can be installed in a endless array of patterns and designs, allowing you to create a truly one-of-a-kind play space. 

Artificial Turf

Tradition Sports & Rec also offers artificial turf solutions to create a safe and low-maintenance residential or commercial play area. Our high-quality artificial turf options provide a lush, attractive, natural-looking space for playtime that is clean, safe, accessible, and low maintenance:

  • Artificial turf can offer an ATSM safety rating of up to 12 feet, with the appropriate base.
  • Unlike wood or sand or rubber mulch, artificial turf is accessible for those with mobility needs.
  • Artificial turf doesn’t require regular mowing, fertilization or other maintenance, other than perhaps an occasional spray down with water.

The Best In Playground Surfaces For Ann Arbor, MI

If you are searching for the best in playground surfaces for Ann Arbor, Michigan, or the surrounding areas, look no further than Tradition Sports & Rec. We supply the highest quality rubber and artificial turf surfaces available anywhere in the Midwest.

Call (330) 351-1244 today for a free, no-obligation consultation and let us help you make your playground dreams a reality!

Commercial Playground Equipment, Cleveland, Ohio

At Tradition Sports & Rec, we know playgrounds. From the ground up, the experts at Tradition Sports & Rec can help you plan, design, and install your dream playground.

As a company with more than 25 years of experience serving clients in and around Cleveland, Ohio, Tradition Sports & Rec has the skills and experience you need to create a one-of-a-kind play space that is as durable as it is fun. Give us a call at (330) 351-1244 to find out how we can help you create the perfect playground today!

From Concept To Construction

At Tradition Sports and Rec, the sky is the limit when it comes to designing and building the playground you want. Whether it’s a school playground, a small indoor play space, or a large commercial park structure, we can help you.

From selecting your playground’s surfacing material – rubber, artificial turf, etc. – to sourcing the highest quality, most innovative, age-appropriate play structures, to actually installing it, the team at Tradition Sports & Rec will be there with you every step of the way. We take great pride in offering the best customer care possible and work hard to educate our clients so they are ecstatic with the end result! 

Professional, Reliable Playground Installer

When you hire Tradition Sports & Rec, we make your playground installation project as simple as possible. We can guide you through the process:

  1. Proposal – Meet with a member of our team to determine your vision and evaluate the space for possibilities.
  2. Design – Let one of our talented team members help you choose playground equipment, color, surfacing, and much more. During this step, we also create a rendering or blueprint of your playground.
  3. Installation – Let Tradition Sports & Rec acquire all the necessary equipment, materials, permits, etc. to construct your dream playground!

Tradition today at (330) 351-1244.

The Tradition Sports & Rec Difference

Installing a commercial playground that meets local permit procedures and construction standards is no easy feat. The skilled contractors at Tradition Sports & Rec are very familiar with the detailed processes necessary to install playground surfaces and equipment.

Whether you’re a park director, principal, housing development contractor, or simply a homeowner with a big yard – let us develop a custom playground that will stand out and that kids of all ages and abilities will love. Tradition Sports & Rec offers unique, durable playground options for you to choose from. Call today! (330) 351-1244

Fake Grass Installation Ohio

Is fake grass really a better option than real grass for playgrounds? As it turns out, fake grass installation in Ohio may be the safest and smartest choice for children’s play areas. Fake grass is safe to fall on, easy to maintain, and cost-effective. To find out more about fake grass installation for your project, call Tradition Sports & Rec today at (330) 351-1244.

With more and more parents and childcare providers concerned about kids getting outdoors and enjoying more recreation and play, creating an environment that nurtures such activities is essential. Play areas should be first and foremost safe, but they should also be beautiful. Maintaining such areas is often so difficult and expensive that it is not even possible. However, fake grass can change all of this.

Artificial grass for playgrounds and sports and recreational areas has made it possible for caregivers and parents to create a space for children that is inviting, safe, and easy for them to maintain.


Fake grass is free from chemicals and pesticides that are often used to deter insects and weeds. It is also free of the most common allergens associated with real grass. Fake grass won’t mildew or mold and water drains right through it. Many times, after rain, playgrounds and sports fields become unplayable for hours. If they are played on, the result is muddy, worn patches that create slippery hazards. Fake grass can be played on anytime, no matter the weather, and will still be safe and look amazing.


Fake grass looks excellent all year round. In the hot summer months, the sun can scorch and burn real grass making it brittle and unattractive. Fake grass remains green and lush even through the hot summers and cold winters.

Low Maintenance

Fake grass doesn’t require watering, trimming, weeding, fertilizing, or reseeding. It creates an even playing surface that stays that way. Maintenance of sports fields and play areas can take hours of time and be costly. Fake grass installation in Ohio can eliminate maintenance costs and time altogether.

Tradition Sports & Rec installs quality fake grass that is strong and durable. We do custom projects to suit your needs. We can create a space for the kids in your life that is inviting, safe, and easy for you to maintain. No project is too big or small so give us a call today at (330) 351-1244 to get started.

Fake Grass Installation Michigan

Artificial turf is the “new grass” of the times. With almost no maintenance and beauty that lasts all year round, you can find fake grass on playgrounds, sports fields, golf courses, pet runs, and lawns. Not all fake grass is the same, however. Knowing what to look for in a fake grass installation in Michigan can help you to make the wisest decision for your project. At Tradition Sport & Rec, we are happy to answer all of your questions about fake grass so give us a call now at (330) 351-1244.


One of the first things that you can look for when shopping around for fake grass is beauty. There are a variety of options to choose from, and you can ask to see samples. You can take these samples and compare them to real grass to decide if they provide the look that you are wanting.


Look for a company that provides a tested, quality product that will last. Hiring a company that has years of experience in the industry will ensure that your fake grass installation in Michigan is done properly and that it will look its best.


Choose a fake grass that uses environmentally-friendly infill materials. The infill materials of your fake grass will make it stronger and long-lasting. Quality infill materials will also prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.


Hiring a company that offers project customization means that your project will turn out exactly as you have planned. Communication should be clear, and the company should include you in the process along the way as your input is essential.

Fake grass saves money on maintenance and water bills, eliminates muddy messes, and is a clean, safe, healthy choice for your outdoor area.

At Tradition Sports & Rec, we believe in the highest standards of service. We aren’t finished with a project until the final walk-over is complete and we see a smile on your face. Our high-quality products are reliable and withstand the test of time. For a beautiful, low-maintenance, time-saving solution for your outdoor area, call us today at (330) 351-1244 for an on-site visit to your location.

Artificial Turf Installation, Ann Arbor, MI

The team at Tradition Sports & Rec provides the highest-quality synthetic grass lawns, fields, and other turf areas to residents of Ann Arbor, MI, and the surrounding areas. With more than 25 years of experience in the artificial turf industry, we guarantee that your project will exceed your expectations. Call (330) 351-1244 today to learn more about our installation practices and guarantees.

Benefits of Synthetic Turf

There are many reasons to choose artificial grass for your home, business, or play space:

  • Low Maintenance – No watering, mowing, pesticide or fertilizer application.
  • Eco-friendly – Environmentally-friendly infill materials. In addition, artificial turf lawns reduce emissions from gas-powered lawn equipment.
  • Water Efficient – Saves hundreds of thousands of gallons of water a year.
  • Appearance – Green and erect through every season.
  • Cleanliness – No more dirt or mud tracked into the home or building.

The Tradition Difference

When you hire Tradition Sports & Rec to take care of your artificial turf installation, you can rest easy knowing that you are in the best hands. We place the utmost importance on both customer care and skilled workmanship, because we understand that great client relationships and experiences require both. There are three things that set us apart from the competition:

  1. Every customer is treated to an on-site visit by one of our certified technicians at a time that is convenient for them. Before signing any contracts, we like to assess the site and speak with potential clients about possible solutions and recommended materials. We provide free, no-obligation estimates before we ever ask for a commitment from you. We strive to educate our clients as much as possible so they can hire us, knowing they made the right choice.
  1. After hiring the artificial grass experts at Tradition Sports & Rec, our in-house professionals will help plan and design your project – whether it’s an indoor sports field, a residential lawn, or a pet run. From start to finish, we keep our clients in the know. We walk you through selecting the right turf for your needs, and pride ourselves on our unparalleled attention to detail.
  1. When it comes to the actual installation, Tradition Sports & Rec is efficient and professional. We prep the site, build the base, and install your beautiful new turf, all while upholding the highest standards of work and customer service. We finish every job with a comprehensive walk-over and evaluation to make sure you are more than satisfied with our work.

Call Today!

With a little research, it’s easy to see that artificial turf is the superior option for your grass needs. Not only does it save money, but it gives you time to enjoy your yard or grass area without spending so much time working to maintain it. Call us at (330) 351-1244 to begin your work with Tradition Sports & Rec today!

Artificial Turf Installation, Cleveland, OH

Tradition Sports & Rec has been installing artificial turf in and around Cleveland, OH, for more than 25 years. Artificial turf is a great option for residential and business sites for many reasons, not least of which is the appeal of having a lush green lawn with little to no maintenance. As a premier artificial turf contractor, Tradition Sports & Rec has the knowledge and practical skill set to transform your dirt lot or weed-infested lawn into a beautiful artificial turf-filled space! Call us at (330) 351-1244 today to see how we can make your dreams a reality.

Artificial Turf Applications

We offer artificial turf installation in many areas, including the following:

  • Lawns – Residential, Business, Indoor and Outdoor Playgrounds
  • Pet Areas – Yards and Dog Runs
  • Putting Greens – Indoor and Outdoor
  • Sports Fields – Indoor and Outdoor

Benefits of Artificial Turf

Tradition Sports & Rec installs high-quality artificial turf that outcompetes natural grass on nearly every level:

Environmentally Friendly

Synthetic turf saves water – a typical sports field needs at least half a million gallons of water annually, while a turf field requires none. Turf also doesn’t need the application of pesticides or fertilizers, which keeps polluted water away from clean water sources and wildlife. Finally, because a turf lawn doesn’t require cutting, you keep emissions from lawn mowers and other gas-powered equipment out of the atmosphere.

Cost Effective

Although the upfront cost of installing artificial turf is more than planting natural grass, the return on investment is unmatched. A properly maintained turf lawn pays for itself within the first 3-4 years, partly due to lower maintenance costs and partly due to longevity and durability (more on that below).


Natural grass can show signs of stress with overuse, but artificial turf can be used immediately after installation and constantly – up to about 3,000 hours a year as opposed to natural grass’s 600-800 hours/year. While natural grass may require extensive care after long winters or drought, artificial turf stays level and performs season after season.

Our Process

Tradition Sports & Rec has completed hundreds of artificial turf installations over the last 25 years, so we’ve perfected the process. We build the base and install your artificial turf in a safe, efficient manner. From taking care of the permits to conditioning the space prior to installation, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn more about our 2-step process:

Building the Base – We evaluate your space to prepare it for turf installation, which requires proper drainage. Following evaluation, we excavate the area and install any necessary curbs, drainage systems, etc.

Turf Installation – We work quickly to unload and place your turf, sewing the panels together and adding the proper infill. Finally, we finish every job with a thorough cleanup and walk-through for quality control. 

Call Us Today!

Tradition Sports & Rec has been serving clients within the industry for nearly three decades. We are licensed, insured company with reliable services. Call us today at (330) 351-1244 for a free, no-obligation consultation and start your partnership with a reputable contractor.