Fake Grass Installation Ohio

Is fake grass really a better option than real grass for playgrounds? As it turns out, fake grass installation in Ohio may be the safest and smartest choice for children’s play areas. Fake grass is safe to fall on, easy to maintain, and cost-effective. To find out more about fake grass installation for your project, call Tradition Sports & Rec today at (330) 351-1244.

With more and more parents and childcare providers concerned about kids getting outdoors and enjoying more recreation and play, creating an environment that nurtures such activities is essential. Play areas should be first and foremost safe, but they should also be beautiful. Maintaining such areas is often so difficult and expensive that it is not even possible. However, fake grass can change all of this.

Artificial grass for playgrounds and sports and recreational areas has made it possible for caregivers and parents to create a space for children that is inviting, safe, and easy for them to maintain.


Fake grass is free from chemicals and pesticides that are often used to deter insects and weeds. It is also free of the most common allergens associated with real grass. Fake grass won’t mildew or mold and water drains right through it. Many times, after rain, playgrounds and sports fields become unplayable for hours. If they are played on, the result is muddy, worn patches that create slippery hazards. Fake grass can be played on anytime, no matter the weather, and will still be safe and look amazing.


Fake grass looks excellent all year round. In the hot summer months, the sun can scorch and burn real grass making it brittle and unattractive. Fake grass remains green and lush even through the hot summers and cold winters.

Low Maintenance

Fake grass doesn’t require watering, trimming, weeding, fertilizing, or reseeding. It creates an even playing surface that stays that way. Maintenance of sports fields and play areas can take hours of time and be costly. Fake grass installation in Ohio can eliminate maintenance costs and time altogether.

Tradition Sports & Rec installs quality fake grass that is strong and durable. We do custom projects to suit your needs. We can create a space for the kids in your life that is inviting, safe, and easy for you to maintain. No project is too big or small so give us a call today at (330) 351-1244 to get started.