Healthy, safe recreation is important for any child’s development, and Tradition Sports & Rec can create the ideal playground area where your kids can do what they do best: play!

From artificial grass to rubber and other play surfaces, we offer solutions to fit any space and need. We can complete smaller projects, like indoor play spaces and backyard play areas, or we can tackle larger-scale projects like school and daycare playgrounds. If your kids can dream it, we can scheme it!

Playground Solutions

Whether you’re looking to construct an indoor or outdoor play area, Tradition Sports & Rec has the products and knowhow to do the job right and to create a playground that will endlessly spark your child’s imagination.

One playground solution we offer is rubber, including poured rubber and rubber tile. These products offer low-maintenance play surfaces that have an ideal balance of cushioning, versatility and durability to help foster safe playtime for the children in your life.

Poured rubber is an excellent product for creating an ADA-accessible play surface that offers prime safety features, including:

  • Seamless surface to help eliminate tripping hazards
  • Non-slip surface with quick drying properties
  • Optimum cushioning

Rubber play surfaces are also easy to clean and maintain and come in a wide variety of color options, enabling endless design possibilities for visual stimulation.

We additionally offer artificial turf solutions to create a safe and low-maintenance play area for your children. Most playground-related injuries result from kids falling on hard or abrasive surfaces, but our high-quality turf solutions will provide a lush, attractive space for playtime that is both safer and cleaner. In addition to providing a low-maintenance, grass-like cushion beneath swings, slides and jungle gyms, our artificial turf eliminates play-disrupting problems like mud and stickers.

Time to Play!

Tradition Sports & Rec is your premier source for outstanding playground solutions to foster safe and stimulating playtime. We offer no-obligation consultations, so give us a call today at (330) 351-1244. We will visit your location, scope out your space, and design the perfect playground area to keep your kids happily and safely engaged!