Rubber surfaces are a popular choice for a variety of applications, both indoor and outdoor. Whether your project is a playground, a fitness area, a water play area or something else, Tradition Sports & Rec has the expertise and plentiful options to deliver an attractive, durable and functional finished product.

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Rubber Tile

Rubber floor tile is an outstanding option for a variety of spaces, offering a durable, low-maintenance and cost-effective solution for facilities ranging from garages and animal kennels to playgrounds and workout areas. Rubber tiles offer an optimum balance of cushioning, durability and versatility to provide you with a comfortable, attractive and long-lasting solution that can be configured to fit any space.

The varied and versatile options for rubber tile mean it can fit just about any need or area. Interlocking floor tiles can be configured to fit areas of all shapes and sizes, and various color and texture choices further enable you to truly customize this flooring to fit your needs and wants.

Poured Rubber

Poured rubber creates a seamless, resilient surface suitable for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor uses. This is one of the best products for creating a surface that is ADA accessible, and widely varied color options and the ability to create inlaid shapes and designs make it an outstanding choice for children’s play areas.

Poured rubber surfaces are durable, easy to clean and boast outstanding safety benefits. Because they are seamless, poured rubber surfaces will not separate or come loose, thus posing a tripping hazard; they are porous and therefore dry quickly; they offer a great deal of cushioning; they provide a non-slip surface; and poured rubber will not shift or compact over time no matter how high-traffic its placement area may be.

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